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Linkbasic is a total solution supplier of professional integrated cabling, cabinet and related products. In the past 15 years, we have been dedicating ourselves to providing copper cable and fiber optical cable solutions used in voice, video. and audio signal transmission.

Linkbasic fully dedicates itself to the job of fulfilling all clients' requirements, seizing new technology trends and investing in the development of new products as well.Our innovations endow the products with features such as good expansibility, easy usage and high efficiency. As a prominent total cabling solution supplier, high qualified designers of linkbasic keep designing, developing and working out innovative solutions for clients all over the world. Advanced end to end solution helps all kinds of enterprises enjoy high speed and safe data transmission in communication network.

We keep exceeding and dedicating ourselves to establish a high level marketing team in both mainland and abroad and make our products the best choice all over the world. Linkbasic has sales representatives and distribution channels in 6 continents. The full range of products and service resources can meet the requirements of clients from regions and worldwide. Every member of the team cooperate with each other to satisfy the clients. All the measures we take above serve one aim, which drives linkbasic a long-term development and the provide of reliable and better services to clients from different industries and religions.

Professional technical staffs of linkbasic will try our best to offer the help from the very beginning of project evaluation to the fulfillment of network communication. Whatever the stage of your project is, it is our honor to provide you all-round service.

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